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I love this wonderful ocean/beachy idea from Sarah Stewart of,
which appeared in the 9/5/16 issue of Woman’s World.
All you need are a canvas, a brush, and a few paints!


Paint Your Own Water View - Sarah Stewart of, 9/5/16 Issue of Woman's World



Modern Ideas For Decorating Your Beach Home

Buying a beach home is a dream for many around the world and for some a fabulous reality. However not everyone wants to decorate their home with hundreds of light house figurines and lamps shaped like boats. If you are looking to decorate your beach home in a more modern way never fear it can be done.

Modern decorating is all about clean lines and beauty in simplicity. Which is actually perfect when you are trying to achieve a modern beach theme. All you need to do is to simply look to nature to guide you.

Color Is Key

Beach Wall Art - Source: Traditional HomeEarthy Tones - Source: Country Living

If I were decorating a modern beach home I would start by painting the walls soft natural colors inspired by the world around my home. By using a cool aqua, an eggshell white, a sandy tan or a light celery green to create a calming serene environment. If you don’t like a lot of color you could paint the majority of the walls white while having one wall pop in aqua or green. Accent walls are very popular in modern decorating and they make your home feel less bland.

Decorating The Walls

Beach DecorBeach Works of Art - Source: Country Living

Keeping the walls clean and simple you could add a couple of black and white photos in natural wood frames. Another option would be to take advantage of the geometric shapes in nature and decorate using a couple of star fish or sand dollars on the walls. Putting some kind of art on the walls makes a home feel less clinical and more inviting.

Choosing Nautical Light Fixtures

Seashell Mirror - Source: Country LivingBeach Collection Shell Silver Display - Source: Country Living

I would stick to modern table lamps like those with a cylindrical base and shade but in soothing colors that match the decor. You could even get one with a clear glass base that shows off a little of its inner workings or one with a thicker glass that looks like sea glass. Lighting is a very important design element and should be chosen carefully. Boat lights like bulk heads have very clean modern lines and could be a great addition to a modern beach home. They typically feature frosted glass encased in metallic or rusted cages and look clean and fresh inside or out.

Finish With The Right Furniture

Vintage Furniture - Source: Country LivingStars & Stripes Living Room- Source: Country Living

Keeping your furniture simple in design with clean lines and simple fabrics will keep your home from looking too nautical. Choose chairs and couches that are box-y and in similar colors to your other items.

Ultimately remember that it is your home and you are the one who has to look at it every day so choose things that you love and skip items that may be trendy but don’t capture your sense of style.

Discover how to use indoor nautical lighting to create the coastal feel you want in your home, whether you are looking for a modern or rustic feel with the help of this lighting guide: Nautical Lighting

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Bring the Seaside Home With Beach Decor

The beach can be a relaxing place to be when the sky is blue, the wind is gentle, and the water is warm. Many people have fond memories of family vacations where they experience such great beach memories. That feeling of relaxation does not have to stay at the beach though. By adding some beach decor to the house, the house will radiate the same relaxing feeling. One place to start is the bathroom.

Bathrooms can be the most impressing room of the house. When guests visit, inevitably, they will see the room and they will be alone when they see it. If the bathroom creates a nice sense of relaxation, with pleasant smells, the guests will express their enjoyment of the bathroom. An easy way to start beaching up the bathroom is with the shower curtain.

When a shower curtain is changed, the lighting and tone can also change dramatically. This is because the shower curtain is one of the biggest structures in the room that has the ability to be opaque, transparent, or translucent. When choosing a new shower curtain, it is recommended that an individual try to match the shower curtain to the already existing floor.

With so many different accessories to choose from, the creative designers can decide if they want little beach knick-knacks and figurines in the room, or if they want the room to remain functional. There are still a lot of beach decoration options for those who want only functional decorations, such as a beach toothbrush holder. Many have also expressed enjoyment about a conch shell on the toilet cover.

While the bathroom is a very fun room to decorate, beach decor can extend to the entire house, especially in the living room area or the guestroom. When moving on to this type of decorating, consider the lamps and what can be done with their shades. With the right amount of lighting, the creative designer can create a feeling that it is mid-day at the beach or sunset at the beach. Lighthouses also create a good effect.

Lighthouses can represent many different things, but a few of the most notable representations are guidance and safety, while also representing a scenic shore. Lighthouses can be found in various sizes as figurines, or an individual could find a painting and set it up as a backdrop. In fact, any painting of a beach scene will work as a good backdrop for a room.

Once a good painting has been chosen for a room, one can decide what colors to paint the room. The ordering of this could also be revered so that the painting is chosen based on the already existing colors of the room. Regardless, the colors of the room should also be matched with the lighting to create the right effect, whether it is sunrise, midday, sunset, or midnight.

For those trying to make the home a more relaxing place, consider beach decor. With all the possible options already existing, people’s imaginations can really go just about anywhere their budget will allow. Look online for the best prices on coastal decorating items and smile thinking of the cool breeze the new room will create.
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